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Residential and Commercial Inspections, Nov. 2023 thru Jan. 2024

Residential Inspection

A home inspection is a visual inspection of the main systems of a dwelling for apparent major defects and safety concerns. Among the systems included are roofing, foundation, structure, electrical, plumbing and HVAC. Where possible we go on roofs, through attics and under houses; windows are opened, receptacles are tested, plumbing fixtures are operated, major appliances are evaluated and electrical panels covers are removed -- and these are just a handful of the myriad of things we do to inspect the accessible areas of a home.


Additionally, Louisiana has some of the highest standards in the country for home inspections and inspectors, and all residential inspections are performed according to the Standard Operating Procedures of the Louisiana State Board of Home Inspectors. We are also members of the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors -- pioneers in the home inspection industry -- and all inspections are completed following their stringent guidelines as well. You can find a link to these standards here:,


While a residential inspection is not an exhaustive analysis of a property and we are limited from using any potentially destructive means such as opening walls, lifting shingles, etc., it does provide a very helpful resource to assist in determining the general condition of a home. 

Commercial Inspection

Commercial inspections are completed to InterNACHI Standards of Practice for Commercial Properties. All major defects and significant safety concerns observed by the inspector that are deemed material are included in the report, with photos and descriptions as necessary. Among the systems included are roofing, foundation, structure, electrical, plumbing and HVAC.


Our commercial inspections, just as our residential inspections, are visual inspections using nondestructive methods. Where possible we go on roofs, through attics, and into crawlspaces. We always strive to go the extra mile to provide the highest quality inspections and inspection reports for our clients. With commercial property typically sold "as is with no warranty" a high quality inspection is an absolute imperative.


If additional services are requested outside the scope of a general property inspection, such as inspecting an inaccessible roof, video scoping plumbing drains, inspecting high voltage systems, etc., InspectPro can coordinate with licensed and insured contractors in the necessary trade to have those completed and attached to the inspection report. 





All inspection reports are narrative in form and include numerous full color photos with descriptions. Typically residential reports are around twenty pages with summary of major defects and significant safety concerns provided at the end of the report. All major defects or safety concerns that are both observed and deemed material are included in the report.


   Residential Pricing

$300 - Base Rate

+$50 for every 1000 SqFt over 1500 T.SqFt

+$75 for crawlspace (as applicable)

+$100 for detached building (by request)


$50 Travel fee for inspections outside of Rapides Parish.

$100 Follow-up inspection fee, includes an addendum report with photos as applicable.

For larger homes over 4500T.SqFt, rate is $0.15/SqFt.

Inspections are also available outside of the Cenla area, may include an additional fee. 


   Commercial Pricing

Pricing based on the site and complexity of inspection, with base rate of $500.

Contact for quote. 



Monday - Friday, 9:00PM - 5:00PM

Weekends may be available by request.



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